Treating Discomfort at Home


Manual Fix: Sometimes you’re eating and all of a sudden feel a wire poking you. Take a look in the mirror. It could just be that the wire is bowing out and isn’t completely off the bracket. Try using your finger to push the wire back into place.

Cut off the End: Pull the cheek back and use fingernail clippers to clip off the end of the wire.

Bend it: Instead of cutting it, you could try gently bending the wire back into position. Use a blunted toothpick, your fingers or even an eraser head to do this. Go slowly; you don’t want the wire to snap in an inconvenient place.

Get out the Tweezers: If you have eaten something that has moved a wire out of place, get a pair of thin nosed tweezers, disinfect the tips, and try to grab the end of the loose wire. Using a magnifying mirror if possible, gently guide the wire back into the bracket slot if you can. You could also tuck the broken lace behind the arch wire or around the bracket.

Use Some Wax: Your orthodontist probably gives you a new packet of wax each time you visit. Put a small ball of that wax on the end of the wire that’s poking you so you can get some relief from the pain without doing anything to compromise your braces. Keep both the wax and the bracket dry.  Don’t have wax on hand? You can use a cotton ball or some gauze in a pinch.

Treat your Cuts and Sores: Sometimes those loose wires can really cause a bad sore or cut in your cheeks. Swish a mixture of warm water and salt in your mouth for a minute at a time, up to six times a day to help it heal

If you are experiencing a true orthodontic emergency that cannot be remedied by these tips, please call us at 205-979-9480.